LMI takes great pride in our clients’ satisfaction and legacy of return customers. This success is directly related to LMI’s continued commitment to combine the art of precision manufacturing with personal attention and unique problem solving solutions. From initial concept meetings to final product delivery, LMI partners with you every step of the way.

Case Study

The Requirement

With military jet power increasing over the last 50 years, so did the demand for Jet Blast Deflector Panels. With the increase in production demands came an increase in problematic manufacturing and late deliverables. It became imperative for the Navy to find a reliable manufacturer that could provide certified products, that adhered to the Navy's tight tolerances and delivery requirements. The largest challenge was product testing at the Naval Air Warfare Center in Lakehurst NJ, where panels had to pass stringent tests for military operations as well as meet critical delivery deadlines.

Our Solution

Committed to the Navy’s success, LMI invested in best-of-breed technology to ensure the highest equipment standards and eliminate any potential problematic variables in the design and production processes. The team at LMI researched and designed unique manufacturing methods that allowed production of a unique flat shape that not only adhered to the JBD length and width requirements but also withstood performance and repeatability testing. Finally, strict measures were taken to streamline manufacturing flow and continually assess every stage of production to guarantee on time delivery. Alongside their state of the art capabilities, LMI’s commitment to perfection and customer satisfaction led the way to their creative problem solving solution for the US Navy.

The Result

Not only did LMI provide the Navy with parts at a quality standard that has not been met in fifty years, they surpassed previous suppliers with an increase in production over 200%. LMI is now one of the US Navy’s approved sources for Jet Blast Deflectors delivering over 5000 units. Pleased with the great success of this project and the assurance their product demands can be reliably met, the Navy has been allowed to focus on other critical needs. Also, they have awarded LMI an additional four critical projects.